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Components for
YAMAHA SR500, XT500, TT500, SRX600,  HONDA FT500 & GB500

Single cylinder motorcycles, generically know in the U.S. as "Thumpers," have been around for as long as there have been motorcycles, and there has always been a certain charm, a certain panache, a certain charisma surrounding them. Some say it is because of the ultimate simplicity of the engine, others are engaged by the unique sound emanating from them as they "thump, thump, thump" along. Still others are enamored by the compact engine and light chassis that are part and parcel of a one-cylinder motorcycle.

Enter now the "THUMPER STUFF COMPANY". We continue to search all known sources for after-market components for the above noted machines, added a few components of our own, and have assembled them into one catalog. We believe that we can deliver, from our one source, most of the after-market parts which are currently available in the U.S. for these fine motorcycles.

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