My Bikes

Well, a few of them.  I hope to add one from time to time .


My 1981.  Bought it in 1985.  At 46,500 miles, I at last went through the top end.

I would have put it off longer but the kick start stopper piece broke and pushed itself through the back of the case.  JB Weld time!

I changed the timing chain and adjuster bush, installed a new exhaust valve and guide, and new rings.  The exhaust valve was dished .012 inch on the top of the stem, so it was no wonder it was a bit noisy.  I didn't hone the cylinder.  1000 miles later and I haven't snapped a ring.  Wear or stretching of the cam chain was almost undetectable.  


1979 SR "Nipton"  No, I didn't build it.  A joy to ride and just to look at.  I suppose I'd grudgingly sell it if someone offered me $5,500...

I'll give a description in a while.


Somewhere under that big guy is an 1981 XT.  On the way back from Alaska, and on better days.


Now gone on to a friend, who changed the pipe and bars, loaned it out to a friend, and is wondering when he will get it back;-)


Buell Blast.  One of the first in the area.  I was hoping that Harley and Buell would make a bike that would be a new SR - a platform for almost endless creativity.  Nope.

So, my winter bike - as it can handle both electric grips and vest.